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At  Totteridge and Whatstone osteopathic clinic we are able to treat all age groups and a wide variety of conditions.

Muscular Skeletal and neurological Pain;
    Back & Limb pain, Strains, Sprains, Joint pain and Sciatica 

   Stiffness & Restriction & Pain due to Arthritic changes

Work, Sport and Leisure injuries;
    Postural pain, Repetitive strains & Trauma

Respiratory Problems;
   Asthma and Shortness of breath

Head aches & Migraines;
   Sinus pain, stress, postural and tension problems

Digestive Disorders;
   Reflux, Hiatus hernia, IBS, Constipation

Obstetric and Gynaecological symptoms;
   Menstrual disturbance and pain, and issues arising from and related to pregnancy

Cardiovascular disorders;
   High & Low Blood Pressure  

Babies ;
  Colic, Hyperactivity, Feeding & sleeping Problems

Cranial Sacral;
  See "Cranial Osteopathy" Section

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